Experts in the field of

  • Concrete Design & Development

  • Consultancy & Training

  • Material Testing

icomat Testing Services

ICOMAT's Solution

to fill the problem in critical structures

The Self Compacting Concrete

Don't waste the balance concrete
lets use it for making

  • Kerb stones

  • Paver blocks

Consultancy in building materials

and concrete manufacturing

including RMC manufacturing

Research Support with IIT Madras
ICOMAT, Institute for Construction Materials & Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A company incubated by IIT Madras.

"ICOMAT has received NABL Accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for its first set/scope of Testings"


ICOMAT, Offering the best standardized and transparent testing services for various construction materials, on par with global standards.

Design & Development

ICOMAT, with hands on experience in the concrete industry and with academic expertise, intends to actively participate in the evolution of concrete by contributing to advancements in concrete research and development, and application.


ICOMAT has on board a team of experts in Concrete technology with versatility in handling various functions in construction and concrete industry that offers knowledge sharing through consultancy and training services.

Recent Works

SCC developed for URC - NDDB Project @ Odisha

Under Water Concrete for FSRU

Concrete with Green Strength

Development of Bonding Agent and Polymer Modified Concrete


ICOMAT will be an exemplary knowledge services company in the concrete construction industry in India, and will earn the highest respect from all its stakeholders for its professional work, standards, practices, values, and culture.


ICOMAT shall work for sustainable and scientific improvement of concrete construction practices, and shall provide comprehensive, field training/professional development, consulting, and engineering testing services, meeting or exceeding global standards, for clients in India and abroad.


The Values of ICOMAT are

  • Professional Testing Services
  • Consultancy
  • Field Training

  • Our Clients